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Smok - tfv12 baby Prince sub-ohm tank

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No Dirty Ashtrays

Normal cigarettes burn and leave a trail of ash all over, which adds up to a mess that mounts up in an ashtray. With Vapes, there is no need to light, dust or empty ash remains or worry about dirty residue.

A lot of Liquid Flavours

Your choice is nearly limitless when it comes to flavours of available e-liquids offering a cleaner and better smelling vaping experience which evolves with your taste buds and one that is better for both vapers and those around them.

Vaping: An Introduction to the Benefits of E‐ Cigarettes

More Cost Effective

It’s worth noting that vaping has more up-front costs than smoking- you need to buy your e-cigarette and any relevant accessories before you get started- but on an ongoing basis, the maintenance of your hobby is considerably cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

No Cigarette Burns

No fear of getting burn marks which cigarettes are notoriously responsible for. Vapes are safer to handle and are not dangerous to transport.



Pharma Grade Nicotine

Vape Guru uses only high-quality EP/USP
pharmaceutical grade nicotine.


Quality Flavours

Vape Guru is manufactured using quality
flavouring made for e-cigarettes.


ISO Accredited Facility

Vape Guru is manufactures in the UK in
an ISO accredited clean room facility


If you’re new to the world of vaping and not sure where to start, your Guide to Starter Kits, will take you through the options available, so you can confidently choose the right kit to suit your vaping needs.

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