Best Vape Guru E-Liquid Flavors to try this summer!

The weather is starting to get warmer so you know what that means: summer is coming! Summer is a perfect time for adventure, exploration, and for trying something new. When you’re making your big summer plans and setting up your goals, don’t forget your vape.

You can easily shake up and add a bit of dazzle to your vaping routine by trying out different e-liquids. To get you started, here is a list of some of the most intense and tasty e-liquids on offer at The Vape Guru. 

Nasty Juice E-liquid

Nasty Juice is an award winning e-liquid company known for its exotic and delicious flavours that come packaged in eye-catching tinware. Since 2015, they have been recognized across Europe for their unique, high quality e-liquids. One taste of any of their vape juices and you’ll understand why everyone loves them so much.

  • Bad Blood E-liquid by Nasty Juice 60ML: A rich blackcurrant e-liquid topped with two types of mint: low mint for a coolish effect and regular mint for a touch of sweetness.

  • Cush Man E-liquid by Nasty Juice 60ML: A truly unique and refreshing e-liquid with mango and mint that will delight each of your senses.

  • ASAP Grape E-liquid by Nasty Juice 60ML: A sweet and robust grape juice e-liquid made with black grapes, berries, and other fruits.

The Milkman E-liquid

The Milkman E-liquids evoke nostalgia for 50’s Americana. Made in Los Angeles, The Milkman makes smooth and sweet e-liquids that come in instantly recognizable packaging. Many of their flavours are dessert-inspired and in addition to their classics, they are always developing new incredible flavours.

  • Strudelhaus E-liquid by The Milkman: Crisp, flaky strudel bursting with blueberries, cream, and powdered sugar.

  • Mango Creamsicle E-liquid by The Milkman: Tropical, creamy, and sweet, this e-liquid combines mango sherbet with cream to create a pudding-like e-liquid.

  • Churrios E-Liquid by The Milkman: A delectable fried dough and milk flavoured e-liquid sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

After reading this list you’re probably itching to get your hands on these flavours so visit our website to buy e-liquid and vape juice online in the UK. We also sell a wide range of top-quality and affordable vapes, vape accessories, and vape components like the Aspire Pockex Replacement coils.