vapes in the UK

If your vape isn’t working the way you expect it to, don’t go throwing it in the bin just yet. Many of the common problems vapers experience have easy fixes that can restore your device to its former glory. 

Your Vape Won’t Turn On 

If your vape uses a button to turn on, try pressing the button 5 times, continuing to push as fast as you can if it still doesn’t turn on. If this doesn’t work, plug your device in to make sure it’s charged before trying again.

Your Vape isn’t Charging 

Your vape should come with a charger and/or a USB cord to charge it. Always use chargers and cords that are made for your specific vape because non-brand equipment can damage your device. 

If it still won’t charge, check that your vape is clean and nothing is blocking or gunking up your heating element or the port where you plug in the cord. Use a cotton bud, then soak and dry your tank overnight. 

Vapour Taste Burnt 

The most common cause for this is a spent coil so replacing your coil should stop foul tasting e-liquid. However, if you’re using a new coil, you may have been chain vaping, vaping dry hits, or used an unprimed coil. To avoid this, stop chain vaping, keep your tank topped up, and prep your coil properly before you start puffing.

My Vape is Leaking

Check your atomiser and its parts are tightly screwed together, but not so tight that you can’t unscrew them for maintenance. Also check your e-liquid isn’t overfilling the tank. If your vape is still leaking, you may need a new coil or, depending on your device, a new pod or tank. 

Vapour is Too Thin 

If you prefer a thicker feel to your clouds but aren’t getting them, turn up the heat on your vape if it allows you to do so. Cooler vapour tends to be thinner than warmer vapour. To avoid damaging your gear, check that your coil and device is suited to vaping at a hotter temperature. 

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